fillintheblanks: Sapphire Slows

My music:
I’m a tokyo based female producer called Sapphire Slows.
I don’t know how to say about my music…just listen please!

My sounds:
I’m always making my music alone in my small room at night, so all of my songs are often said that internal, closed, floating, and dark feel, but I just want to make beautiful sounds with my cheap gears at hand.

Interview: Ali Koehler

Ali Koehler is the fearless former drummer of Vivian Girls and current drummer of the band on the tip of everyone’s tongue, Best Coast. Her success is admirable and is inspiring young drummers and musicians around the world. Attending a Best Coast show here in Philly last year, the crowd was completely in love. It wasn’t just the music that kept the crowd energized, it was the sheer confidence of Ali, Bethany, and Bobb. Ali Koehler is touring the world, jumping from festival to festival and seems to be in the midst of watching her dreams play out in front of her. We of course wanted to know a little more about the beat behind Best Coast. Check out our interview with this rockin’ lady!


Interview: Raphaelle Standell-Preston

The Canadian avant-pop quartet Braids released their debut LP, Native Speaker, earlier this year. Braids songs build slowly, one element at a time – a spiky guitar line, drum fills coming in small bursts of thunder, keyboards filling all the available air. A few minutes of delicate, invested melody for a few minutes of pensive abstraction by a band who doesn’t prioritize one over the other. The first Braids song I ever heard was Plath Heart, and it came on in the mall. This song caught my attention and completely blew me away. Thank goodness for Shazam :). Today we  feel extremely honored to bring you all this interview with Braids lead singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston


Interview: Chloe Saavedra

Chloe Saavedra (front), 18, has been playing drums since she was 6 years old. She played with her sister Asya in the band Smoosh for over 10 years, opening for bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Bloc Party. Recently, they ended Smoosh and began a new band called Chaos Chaos. The sisters, originally from Seattle, moved to Sweden for three years, and now are living in Brooklyn. Chloe talks about how the experience of living in different places has really influenced their approach to music. Chaos Chaos is releasing their first EP this fall with the first single, “My Hands,” just out on September 15th.

Interview: Nite Jewel

Originally from Sadie Magazine

Photo by Brian Stevens
Written by Nicole Trilivas

Nite Jewel is LA’s Ramona Gonzalez. Her moniker comes from a song by obscure synth group Nimbus Obi.  Since her critically acclaimed 2008 debut, the LP Good Evening, Gonzalez has been classified as minimalist bedroom pop, bright disco, ’90s R & B, indie funk, and ’80s synth. These blends don’t often flavor together, but Nite Jewel pulls it off—mysteriously and bravely.


Session with Gretchen Lohse

It’s always a pleasure to stop by Gretchen Lohse’s home for a creative session and this time we were even more surprised by what we got. We asked Gretchen to perform a special holiday song just for us, and what do you know, the most beautiful arrangement we’ve ever heard. Gretchen Lohse, Claire Connelly, Rick Flom, and Steve Quaranta perform “Still Still Still” for us and all of you. The song will be available for download tomorrow here on LBB as a gift to you! Happy Holidays!

Interview: Gemini Wolf

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gemini Wolf in Washington Square Park, Philadelphia. Gemini Wolf is a psychedelic/pop/experimental wife and husband duo from Philadelphia.Megan and Mike both do vocals, guitar picking, electronic mixing and also started the one-of-a-kind label, earSnake.

 I really enjoyed listening to their new album, Infinite Sand Dunes This is one of those albums made to be listened to on a record player.  It accentuated the warmth in the album.  The album is an eerie, distant space adventure and yet somehow soothing at the same time.  An experience brought on by tribal percussion, beds of electronic noise, interesting samples, analog synthesizers, and much more.  Gemini Wolf has a psychedelic quality and they are infinitely evolving the spectrum of sound.  I felt completely absorbed into the music.  Favorite parts of the album included the eerily sung and spoken vocals on side A and the electronic ambient trances on side B.

“The album was written and mostly recorded in a weekend long writing, hiking, and recording session in the largest desert on the East Coast.  The eerie isolated setting helped shape much of the sound of Infinite Sand Dunes.” (

New Album Infinite Sand Dunes available May 24 on clear vinyl & digital formats. COME EXPERIENCE the Record Release Party Thursday May 26 @ Johnny Brenda’s.