A Love Letter to Billie Holiday

Dear Ms. Holiday:

I recently read, “Lady Sings The Blues” to learn more about your extraordinary life and music, not nearly expecting what I have taken away from it. The first time I heard your lovely voice was through a live recording of “Body and Soul”, which moved me so much that I nearly fell in love. In your experiences, you mentioned having to perform with the limitations of racism while being on tour and even at home. (more…)

Haim // Don’t Save Me

Haim are three sisters from Los Angeles. Este, Alana and Danielle Haim, grew up playing covers with thier parents, in the band Rockinhaim . Once the siblings had put that behind them, they began writing their own material. They are heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac and a mix of Californian Soft Rock and R&B. Check out their Forever EP

A Love Letter to Solange

Dear Solange,

You’re simply amazing. Thank you for showing that it is ok to embrace
originality, even when people try to guide you on a path that they’ve
created for you. There are women who are following you, admiring you,
and praising you. Not only does your music touch on a whole different
level but the way you present yourself is always classy, lady like, and
beautiful. (more…)

Angel Olsen // Some Things Cosmic

Angel Olsen
isn’t a household name yet, but she has unforgettable voice combined with an ability to go from nearly spoken word to the theatricality of cabaret in an instant. Her range makes a chilling impact on each song she sings. You can find her most resent album “Half Way Home” via Bathetic Records.

Lianne La Havas // Elusive

Our absolute favorite, Lianne La Havas has created two beautiful and dramatic videos for ‘Elusive’ and ‘Gone’. Each one a story that connects in passionate ways. Lianna La Havas is getting better with time. Check out part two of the short film, here.

Pick of the day: Slothpop

Our pick of the day is this beautifully produced self-titled album by Indianapolis band Slothpop! I love that it weaves in and out of rainy day favorites and first day of spring blasters. Though released in 2011, we will appreciate it forever. I can only hope you will feel the same. 

Post-Valentine Love Jams from Madeline

Are you still riding on a love cloud from a few days ago when you got roses or a weird white stuffed bear for Valentines Day? You are aren’t you? Or maybe you drank wine alone, that’s fine too. We never want to come down and that’s why Madeline made this amazing playlist for your nights with or without that weird stuffed bear. Love is in the air!  Also, what’s a playlist without Beyonce’?
Artwork: Anissa Martinez 


Baa Ram Ewe at the Barbary


Not only is Maura apart of our LBB family but she is also in an awesome band with her blood family Meghan (sisters)! Her band Baa Ram Ewe is playing the Barbary tomorrow with a band I’ve been knowing about since highschool, Harry and The Potters. Of course you’re going to this, look at that flyer, duh! It’s a 4:30pm, all ages show with spells and dancing so bring your pups. Check out their music and future shows here!

A Love Letter to The Raveonettes

My Dearest The Raveonettes,

I’ve wanted to write to you for so long, but could never find the words with which to start. I’m bad at beginning things sometimes, but especially when everything I want to say is so much and full, it’s difficult to know how to articulate such feelings. (more…)

Interview: Peter and Kerry

Peter and Kerry are the London based duo who caught our attention a year or so ago with their lovely pop melodies and finely tuned boy-girl duets. Last year Kerry told us her favorite love song, check that out here, as a Valentines Day special guest! Here we are a year later getting into the world of Peter and Kerry. They talk to us about getting drunk during a trip to France to write music (a story involving matching tattoos), sharing a stage with Lianne La Havas, and where to find inspiration in East London. The pair are setting off on a tour through Europe with Lucy Rose today, so fall in love with these two on Valentines Day and pray that they come through your town!