Lady. Bang. Beat. was created to feature and celebrate the musical endeavors of women.

Attia Taylor (Co-founder): Attia is a writer and musician currently living and working in Brooklyn. She graduated from Temple University with a BA in communications. Attia is a volunteer at Girls Rock Philly and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in NYC with a passion for helping girls and women everywhere find their voice.
twitter: @AttiaTaylor
instagram: @attia


Madeline Thomas (Co-founder): Madeline is a board member and volunteer at Girls Rock Philly and a graduate of Rowan University with a degree in communications. She also plays guitar in her rad band, The Glitter Bombs.
twitter: @Mad_t23
nstagram: @Mad_t23

Maura Filoromo (Writer): Maura is a musician (no kidding check out her band Baa Ram Ewe), Temple University graduate, and a full-time writer. She is also a long time volunteer at Girls Rock Philly.
twitter: @MauraFiloromo

Kati Driscoll: Kati Driscoll is a digital marketing professional and instructor with Delaware College of Art and Design. She is the co-owner of TWAMIES – an online store run with her partner Alan which features modern, minimalist artwork. Her second online store, Cloverhunter, features a collection of carefully crafted and curated goods for body and home, inspired by the many brilliant women in her life.
twitter: @KatiDriscoll

Gordon Li: Gordon Li is a web developer and graduate of Temple University. 


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