Empress Of // Water Water


Empress Of is an LBB favorite! We’ve loved her since the chopped up watermelon dripping video for her song “Champagne”. We’re so excited for her and her new album, Me, out on Terrible Records September 11th. Check out the video for a song on her debut album below called “Water Water”.


NadiaMy summer has shaped up quite nicely. My playlist is filling up quickly and it starts with New York artist Nadia. A few friends hipped me to her music on bandcamp a few months ago. The rest is herstory:

I’ve found a great amount of comfort in “Survival Mode”, as a woman who has been through 10 years of boarding school, let me say, I have found comfort. I’m Your Protector Now is filled with soul and not in the traditional sense. Her sounds have their own climate and a luminous drip. I needn’t forget her voice. They pierce in “Really You Got This” and almost beckon for more than the keyboard and tripped drums offer. Catch a show around town and play her sounds below…

Pick of the Day // Alabama Shakes


Alabama Shakes’ newest album “Color & Sound” is my go to record for the summer. Front woman Britney Howard is incredible with ferocious vocals, passionate lyrics and a dynamic presence. She has restored new life back into rock and blues. “Don’t Wanna Fight” is currently my favorite track with Howard’s powerful voice, the stuttering guitars, and thick, splashy bass completely driving the song. Check out the video from their most recent SNL performance below. Be sure to catch them on tour this Fall in other words, join me in Philadelphia at the Mann Center for Performing Arts on September 17th.

Pick of The Day // Florist









We’re looking forward to a new year and wanted to start it off right with warm sounds from Brooklyn band Florist. Although recorded in May of last year, 6 Days of Songs is bound to help you handle cold weather. The somber and gentle tracks seem to be sold-out on cassette but can be downloaded digitally here. Have a bowl of delicious tomato soup and makes cozy with Florist. 

Harsh Crowd

Harsh Crowd

Last May, I headed to Randall’s Island for the Frieze Art Show. I was really only there for the Tom Tom Magazine Festival, which was a collaboration with artist Naama Tsabar. For those who do not know, Tom Tom Mag is a magazine dedicated to female drummers. Back in May, Tom Tom’s organizers found a slew of sweet bands (with female drummers too) to play their festival.

One band that I happened to see play was called Harsh Crowd. Their set included some super sweet sounds. They did covers of Le Tigre and Foster the People that sounded flawless, and their original material (which far outnumbered the covers) was brilliantly filled with energy as well as being pleasing to the ears.

Harsh Crowd is made up of Dea, Willow, Rihana, and Lena. The four met at Willie Mae Rock Camp in 2013. The camp was an experience they thoroughly enjoyed and the band felt very supported by Tom Tom Magazine, including their editor-in-chief Mindy Abovitz. 

Each member of  Harsh Crowd is 12 years old—a fact they don’t think people should focus on. They also don’t want to be called an all-girl band. The members expressed how people might say, “they’re pretty good for kids.”  Just say they are musicians, musicians that don’t want it to matter whether they are young or girls.

The members feel like sisters. They also said they’re awesome.

As evident from their energy on and off stage (the interview kept getting interrupted by them running and dancing in the rain), Yes, I agree they are indeed awesome.

Above video: “Dirty Rotten Parents” at the Tom Tom Festival on May 10th, 2014.

Maura Filoromo

Fettkakao // Sampler 2014

Fettkakao Fettkakao has found a way to capture the cool kids of Vienna so gracefully in this 2014 released compilation. Reminding us that Austria is a good home for pop-punk and stand-out indie acts. A favorite on the release is Tirana’s, Window Shopper. It’s punk at a tea party. Well, the kind of tea party you actually want an invite to but you only know the host through a friend. Yes, it’s that cool.

Fettkakao has managed to create a well curated album that wraps you up and takes you away from work or wherever you are. Get to it!